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Mister Buck's Genuinely Good Pet Food

Mister Buck’s Pet Food Company was started to help make feeding sixteen Greyhounds more affordable and has since built upon and expanded its mission to include all animals and the organizations that support them. Our products are natural, holistic and 100% made in the USA. You can feel good knowing that Mister Buck’s donates a portion of every sale to our partnered local animal welfare organizations where Mister Buck’s is sold.

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Mister Buck's Pet Food is available at a number of stores in the mid-west. Search our retail locations to find us in a store near you.

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The wait is over! Mister Buck’s Pet Food is now available to order online. Simply fill out our online order form to get Mister Buck’s delivered straight to your door!

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Our Story

Mr. Buck was a rescued Greyhound. He had been a champion. After his racing career he was turned out to the Texas desert to die. Picked up by Animal Care and Control, we got him twenty minutes before he was to be put to death.

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Visit GBark

Greyhound Boarding & Retirement Kamp, Inc., is a non profit organization dedicated to providing forever homes for ex-racing Greyhounds deemed unadoptable. Gbark is totally funded by Mister Buck's Pet Food and our generous supporters.

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